Sapphire engagement rings rising trend in the jewelry industry

Sapphire engagement rings rising trend in the jewelry industry

Gemstone Engagement Rings Based on Google Trends data coverage, ‘sapphire engagement rings’ investigation was up 115% within the year 2017.

The tendency continues to spike in to 2018 using two quite powerful women picking a sapphire above a diamond.

padparadscha sapphire ring

Together with brides-to-be Gwyneth Paltrow and Princess Eugenie debuting stunning sapphire engagement rings inside a matter of days of one another, you can anticipate for the bead to keep its increase in popularity.

The sapphire has become a perennial favorite among European aristocracy as a gemstone centerpiece but has largely settled as free stones into the diamond engagement rings preferred stateside.  With the huge variety of colors available, strength and endurance, and a far more affordable price label to diamonds, the sapphire is set to move front and center for engagement ring designs.

Peach and Padparadscha sapphire engagement rings demand continues to go up year after year using 2017 becoming a significant leap in demand, In 2008 you could see the beginning of this trend online on sites like and leading jewlry blog like weddingbee and weddingchicks.

Fiancé Brad Falchuk and Gwyneth Paltrow had openly declared their connection in 2015, both have met on the set of Glee at 2010. Penelope Cruz, upon her engagement to Javier Bardem, additionally revealed a gorgeous oval blue sapphire ring onto her finger, which has a distinctive classic quality.

Many gemstones specialist nowadays insists the sapphire is not as abundant as diamonds, also states costs continue to grow as rapidly as demand increases. “In many businesses, getting clients is your challenge.

For all of us, it is finding great sapphires and sufficient to get the list of consumers waiting for this upcoming special stone to come from the earth”


People understand the rarity of a high quality sapphire, and in these days anyone who is looking to own something truly unique, understand the value of an handmade sapphire ring.

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